Smart Energy Regions - COST Action TU1104

The COST Action TU1104 ‘Smart Energy Regions’ started in March 2012 and ended in March 2016. During its four years of activity, the Action established a network of more than 70 researchers from 27 European countries and Israel, allowing the exchange of experience and engagement with local policy-makers and stakeholders.

The aim of the Action was to investigate drivers and barriers that impact on the large scale implementation of low carbon technologies in the built environment, essential to meet the targets for sustainable development set by EU and national governments.

The Action organised a Training School on energy retrofit for fifteen early-stage researchers, and enabled twenty-two researchers to conduct Short Term Scientific Missions in partner institutions. The main outputs of the Action are three publications collecting contributions from Action members on the topics of low carbon policy, technology, skills, training, supply chains, and cost and value. These and the other outputs of the Action can be found in the Outputs page, or clicking the links below.

Download the outputs of the Action TU1104 Smart Energy Regions:


Smart Energy Regions on the web:




Chair of the Action: Prof. Phil Jones

Vice Chair: Prof. Christopher Koroneos

COST Science Officer: Dr. Mickael Pero


Monitoring reports for the Action TU1104 can be found here.

Guidance on COST procedures can be found on the relevant COST page.

The main document covering Action management, reimbursement and publications is the new H2020 COST Vademecum.